Experience Freah Steaks and Delicious Cakes

Cooking is great. Homemade meals can be absolutely delicious, while being also nutritious and healthy. By choosing the finest ingredients, everybody can create awesome meals to enjoy with family and friends. However, eating out has its charm. If you choose a good restaurant, you can taste exquisite dishes, relax and feel pampered. At Spamps, we are here for you. Let’s see what’s on the menu.

Our restaurant takes pride in serving the finest steaks and fresh baked cakes. There are many other choices of food available, but we strongly recommend you try these two at least once. A fine steak is simple yet stylish. It is one of the best possible choices for a romantic dinner or a business meal. The perfect steak requires the highest quality meat. We know this very well, so we are never going to compromise. We work only with the best suppliers who deliver only grass fed beef, so that our clients can feel spoiled from the first bite to the very last one. Our chef is an internationally renowned and awarded expert. He uses the best cast iron skillets to prepare the steaks, so he is able to recreate the same perfect taste with each and every new order. When you come to us and order a steak, you can be sure it’s always going to have the same flavor and the same delicate texture that melts in your mouth. Besides, the side dishes are nothing short of amazing. You can have the vegetables of the day, crispy potatoes, baby spinach or butter asparagus. French fries, backed potatoes and salad are also on our list, so all you have to do is name your favorite side dish and allow our chef to amaze you with the freshness of our ingredients and with the savory taste of the finest dressings and herbs which are among his best kept secrets. Moreover, we’ve got a rich selection of red wines, both local and international. Whatever your personal preferences, we’ve got at least a couple of wines to match them. Your juicy steak is going to be in good company with a glass of the finest wine in our cellars. If you aren’t sure what kind of wine to choose, our sommelier – who was trained at this NYC domestic agency — is going to recommend you the best option to go with your food. We are aware of the power of food and wine pairing, so we do our best to get it right for each of our customers.

As if this was not enough, our fresh baked cakes are the supreme temptation very few people in this world can resist. The first bite is going to have you hooked for life. The second bite will automatically follow, so you are going to finish your cake without even having the chance to order a glass of sweet wine to pair it with. We’ve got all flavors covered, as everything is prepared in house, from the best possible ingredients. Our pantry is choked full with the finest cherries, dried apricots, juicy pineapple and sweet-sour berries. All these are for our guests, as well as the fantastic icing which has pushed the name of our restaurant one step further in the world of fine dining.

We are pleased to see our guests happy, so we always strive to exceed their expectations. Most of the time, we are successful, so we often see them coming back and bringing new people over for dinner. We do hope to have the honor to have you over for dinner. If you call us to make your reservation in time, we shall be honored to reserve our best table for you. Our carefully selected cuts of meat are waiting to become the fine steak on your plate. Good food is pure happiness. We understand that, and we are happy to enable our clients discover it for themselves. Each bite can bring you one step closer to Nirvana, so by the time of the dessert, you are already going to be on cloud number nine, ready to speak with the gods. Let us show you the way to happiness with a simple, high quality meal to warm your soul and delight your senses. Call us now for a reservation.